Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Department

The department is responsible for overall tracking, monitoring and evaluation of performance of the SOEs. This involves spearheading facilitation of performance contracting process between Government and the SOEs, monitoring and evaluating implementation of performance contracts, issuing reports on SOEs performance and recommending appropriate rewards and sanctions where necessary.

Business Development Services (BDS) Department

The Department is to undertake research into SAs/SOEs sector problems, analyze Government policies on the prescribed Bodies and offer advice for the efficient, effective and profitable operation of the prescribed Bodies. The BDS Department is required to update the integrated database and personnel data management systems. It is also to develop performance guidelines as tools for helping the prescribed bodies to grow through the use of innovations which should involve new ideas/developments in areas such as total quality management, technology, productivity, health safety and environment, benchmarking and best practices. These interventions are to be geared towards helping the prescribed bodies to be transformed into vibrant and competitive institutions.

Business Advisory Services (BAS) Department

The Department is enjoined to employ best practices in corporate governance, human resource management/Organizational development, financial management, Operations management as well as marketing with special emphasis on customer services to positively influence good product and service delivery in the prescribed bodies while ensuring accountability to all stakeholders.

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