Vision, Mission & Objectives

To facilitate performance management in SOEs and other prescribed bodies, within the framework of Government policy, to ensure that they operate efficiently, effectively and profitably thereby contribute towards the socio-economic development of Ghana.


  • To promote performance management within the framework of Government policy, for efficient and profitable operation of the prescribed body.
  •  To review the mission, objectives, programmes and plans of the prescribed bodies and to monitor as well as evaluate their performance in relation to agreed targets.
  • To undertake operational and managerial audit, where necessary with a view to improving the performance of the prescribed bodies.
  • To analyse Government policies and transmit, with appropriate guidelines, for  implementation by prescribed bodies.
  • To review the organizational structure, systems, policies, procedures and practices of the prescribed bodies with the view to strengthening their human resource management practices.
  • To advise Government on the criteria for the establishment of new State enterprises and where  necessary advice the sector ministries on State Enterprises rationalization and rehabilitation programmes.
  • To review and advise Government on the processes/procedures for the appointment and removal of Chief Executives or members of Boards or other governing bodies of the prescribed bodies.

To examine financial structures and major investment proposals of the prescribed bodies and make appropriate recommendation to Government.

To ensure that appropriate dividends are paid to Government by the prescribed bodies.

To ensure that the prescribed bodies establish internal audit units, corporate planning and management systems and also ensure the institution and implementation of managerial and professional training programmes for their staff.

To ensure good corporate governance and practices in the prescribed bodies.

To perform any other functions which are incidental to the objects of the Commission.

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