Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited

The Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) Limited buys and sells precious minerals such as diamonds and gold. To develop and add value to the jewellery industry in ghana, the PMMC does manufacture jewllery mainly in Traditional African designs.

Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited (PMMC) is a Limited Liability Company operating under the Companies’ Code, with the Government of Ghana as the sole shareholder. The authorized businesses of PMMC are:

* To grade, assay, value and process precious minerals;

* To buy and sell precious minerals;

* To appoint licensed buyers for the purchase of precious minerals produced by small – scale miners;

* To promote the development of precious minerals and the jewelry industry in Ghana.

* To do all such things as are indicated or conducive to the attainment of its objectives and functions.

* To export gold on behalf of third parties for a commission.

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