National Media Commission

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)

The Mission of GBC is to provide for general reception in Ghana radio and television broadcasting services in the fields of culture, education, information and entertainment which reflect national progress and aspiration. In performing its public service role, GBC engages in commercial broadcasting through the sale of paid adverts and exploration of other sources of revenue related to its business.
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Ghana News Agency (GNA)

The Mission of GNA is to gather and disseminate news on the economy, politics, the environment, social, women’s and children’s issues and sports to other media houses, government organizations, financial institutions, companies, diplomatic missions, educational institutions, foreign news agencies and the general public at competitive prices and protect its image by disseminating truthful and balanced reports, looking at all sides of an issue and remain in the forefront of news gathering in Africa through its reports to the Pan African News Agency and the Non-aligned News Agencies Pool as well as to other international news agencies.

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Graphic Communication Group Limited

The Mission of Graphic Corporation is to build a multimedia enterprise with a core business in newspaper publishing but with a stake in the electronic media, providing the highest level of information, entertainment and education to the Ghanaian public.

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New Times Company Limited (NTC)

The mission of NTC is to strive to cover and publish accurate, reliable, balanced and high quality news, increase sales volume and maximize revenue and capture a significant market share of the reading public.
NTC will remain dedicated to informing and educating the Ghanaian public in a manner that is worthy of responsible journalism, while ensuring that government policies and programs are effectively communicated to the Ghanaian citizens to facilitate national development and growth.

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